Informationen zum Termin 08. Juni 2018

Fr 08. Juni 2018 | 09:30 Uhr18:30 Uhr
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Spandauer Str. 1, Berlin
Raum/ Saal: Heilig-Geist-Kapelle



Though sound´s marginality in Gender Studies might have been overcome with the scholarly interest in the senses, new media practices like mobile music devices, playlist libraries, cloud storages, geo-tagged local sound maps or auto-tune technologies frequently lack a gender perspective. Here, Gender Studies, whose project is dismantling power hierarchies in knowledge production, provide us with methodologies to deal with irreclaimable or unbearable sounds. Situated knowledge production, speculative thinking, queer readings are only some approaches to hearing the ‘ghosts’ of history and scarcely audible voices. Thus, sound as a research object and research tool needs to be reconsidered beyond practices of classification and measurement. Simultaneously, sound has to be understood as an episteme which creates and works certain gender dimensions within different histories and present times into the foreground. Sound makes us rethink power relations and enables us to undo gender in its complex entanglements with diverse hierarchies.
UN/SOUNDING GENDER inspires to tackle the problem of sonic constellations of (hetero-)normative gender and (de/post-)colonial relations. Furthermore, we would like to discuss the possibility of ‘unlearning’ and ‘unteaching’ hegemonic knowledges within colonial and feminist sound archives. To UN/SOUND GENDER might offer ways in making the power of silence in resistance to neo-colonial enslavement and/or rightwing migration policies audible.

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